Worm Farming Secrets For Success

Worm farming has become a fast growing industry with the new green movement sweeping the nation. All natural gardening has gotten a fresh revival with the increase in recognition of looking after and improving our soils, gardens and composting waste to save space in our landfills. Worms are now taken on a new role and are more than your slippery bait on the end of a fishing line. Now you can absolutely operate a business and earn a profit from little-known worm farming secrets.

So that you may work a worn farming business you need to know the industry. Worm farming secrets sounds a little weird but raising worms is not as easy as you think. You should know a few facts about the breed of worm you are going to raise. With your worm farm exactly what are your intentions? Have you been rearing them for a small company? Are you currently raising them for private use? Do you comprehend the particular feeding needs of rearing worms? Don't you know how they reproduce?

The very first hint you need to be aware with worm farming secrets is not to use the common earth worm or night crawler for your worm farm. Preferably instead you could try and invest in buying an amount of red worms. They are superior in many ways. Were you aware that the red worm doesn't need refrigeration? The red worm is harder, stronger, firmer and reproduces very well as is sought after for composting, gardening and fishing.

The second idea you need to understand involving worm farming secrets is actually what type of container to make use of. To raise your worm farm in try to never use a light coloured, white or clear container. Worms do not like light and light colored containers let in to much light. Wood is acceptable but keep in mind that wood will rot. One thing that is good with plastic and why its better to use is it can be easily rinsed in between harvesting. There are various black plastic-type tubs at any number of farm or supply stores. If you don't keep the worm farm covered loosely you could have your red worms escaping over the side but to tight a lid and they could suffocate. The top lid doesn't necessarily have to be secure on all sides of the container.

The third tip you should know concerning worm farming secrets is you can make your own worm bedding out of shredded black and white newspaper. You don't need to purchase costly worm bedding. Don't use any colored ad pages or comics in your worm bedding as the dyes in the pages could possibly kill your worms. Add about two cups of black top soil to the container and mix in with the shredded newspaper. You'll need to get a spray bottle of fresh plain water and then gently spray the paper bed lightly just to dampen it. If you give way to much water did you know you could drown your worm farm. Next thing you need to do is add your red breeding worms and then place a tiny amount of oatmeal in a corner.

The fourth tip you should know concerning worm farming secrets is that your red worms with reproduce by cocoons. Each cocoon that has hatch normally wil be up to two red worms. The hatching will be a white colour when they hatch and then turn red when they mature and grow. You can expect your first harvest is around eight weeks.

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