Turf Out The Rotten Old Turf And Replace It With Quality New Turf

The results of garden turf lawn maintenance can be so sporadic at times that for a lot of gardeners who own their own lawns, the exercise is a futile one. Gardeners can feel disheartened when the extra money spent on turf care products does not reap the rewards that were hoped. Gardeners can be affected in any ways from bad turf financially, but often it’s simply the age or quality of the turf that is the real issue.

Brand new beautiful turf that’s of good quality can make an excellent replacement solution. There are many benefits to doing this, however, it is not a decision that should be taken without first checking that everything possible has been done to try and improve the existing turf.

There are many things that could be the problem, such as disease, lack of nutrients or even adequate watering that can be solved with the correct advice. Other problems can be even more difficult for turf and the gardener. Without the correct amount of drainage it is possible that water-logging will become a real problem for gardeners. It is highly possible that plants will drown when soil doesn’t allow for extra water to drain. Adequate drainage is a prerequisite for excellent quality turf. Letting turf flourish means that gardeners need to create a well managed environment between adequate drainage and the ability for the turf to access retained water in the soil. Water-logging of new turf will probably occur if the drainage issue isn’t solved and the necessary work to correct it isn’t carried out.

Brand new garden turf can only be considered once the drainage and other problems have been dealt with and corrected. New turf will mean that the lawn’s fresh beginning will take shape. The new turf, assuming it has been purchased from a quality turf supplier will be disease free, healthy and full of life. The land on which it is laid should be well prepared following advice from the turf supplier.

Garden turf can sometimes go beyond recovery especially after prolonged water-logging, constant exposure to heat without the essential watering and because of poor maintenance. New garden turf can make all the difference in this situation.

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