Different Types Of Garden Hedge

Garden hedge plants provides security, barrier and safety to your home and for your garden, furthermore, it offers your garden with an extra artistic flair that can make your garden and home appealing. Nevertheless, homes are not the only location where you can discover hedges. Hedges are also popular among parks along with other general public establishments that have gardens. There are lots of kinds of hedge plants to select from and they are: Quick rising hedges, box hedges and flowering hedges.

Quick growing hedges- There are many types of fast rising hedges and 1 of the prime examples of fast rising hedges is the Silky dogwood. Silky dogwood has white flower clusters in the spring and blue and white fruit within the fall. Peak reaches up to twelve feet along with a spread of six to nine feet. An additional example of a fast growing hedge is Cheyenne privet, this quick growing hedge prefers complete to partial sun. This hedge grows as a heavily branched and dense plan and it's glossy and deep green foliage. The Purpleleaf sandcherry can also be a quick growing hedge that produces red foliage. Fast growing hedges are well-liked among gardeners simply because they make use of garden hedge rather than fences to shield their gardens or yard.

Field Hedges – Box hedges are often found in parks and garden mazes. They give this kind of artistic scenery to a garden; this is why field hedges are frequently seen in parks, resort gardens and other public gardens. Different types of box hedges are: Typical Box or Buxus Sempervirens, this is a bushy evergreen shrub with small dark-green shiny leaves. Another will be the Dwarf Field or the Buxus sempervirens “Suffruticosa”, also an evergreen shrub only it grows gradually and is perfect for knots and parterrers or edging hedges. There's also the field hedge called Variegated Field or Buxus sempervirens “Elegantessima”, this field hedge has mid-green leaves with irregular creamy margins.

Flowering Hedges- Flowering hedges will add color for your garden particularly throughout spring time. Frequently, the flower that blooms from these hedges has fragrance that can certainly add to the allure of this kind of hedge. Not just, it has selection of blooms, it also smells wonderful. There are lots of types of flowering hedges and a few of these are:  Spiraeas, Bonica rose and Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince. Spiraeas are extremely attractive to butterflies and its color can range from pink to yellow to white and also the height of this flowering hedge also varies from two to four feet tall. Bonica rose also has colorful blooms that are bright pink and has a slight fragrance, furthermore, the Bonica rose are fairly simple to grow and are illness resistant.

Among the three, which garden hedge do you like best?

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